Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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Friday, July 9, 2010

New Belly Dance DVD’s Available for PRE-ORDER!

The Tribal Fusion Bellydance Workout, with Irina


Created by Irina, New York City-based star of Tribal Fusion Bellydance, The Tribal Fusion Bellydance Workout features a series of drills and combinations designed to condition and tone the muscles of your lower and upper body, and enhance your dance technique through continuous practice of a wide range of Tribal Fusion Style moves, accents, and transitions.

Tribal Fusion Style bellydance is known for its strong isolations, muscular movements, and sharp locks, as well as graceful and expressive arm patterns. Irina introduces these elements gradually, in layers, making it easy to grasp and practice even challenging and sophisticated movement.

The workout consists of three sets of drills focusing on upper body, lower body, and, lastly, movement sequences engaging the total body and working on upper and lower body coordination.  Each set is broken down into several topics and is drilled at an energetic pace. Layers, such as continuous arm patterns, level changes and traveling steps are added onto the basic movements, for an additional challenge.

The Tribal Fusion Bellydance Workout is for dancers of all skill levels. Dancers newest to Tribal Fusion Style  can focus on the basic forms of Tribal Fusion movement, while the more experienced dancer can enjoy playing with the medley of layers Irina introduces in the final version of each topic.

You can do all three sequences one after the other for a thorough and challenging dance practice, or pick just one or two sets of drills for a targeted muscle conditioning and technique refresher.

The program also includes a yoga warm-up and a Technique Breakdown where Irina introduces Tribal Fusion bellydance moves used in the workout, step-by-step.

The Tribal Fusion Bellydance Workout has two soundtrack options:
with voice cues
with music only.

Click HERE to Pre-Order The Tribal Fusion Bellydance Workout!




Learning bellydance is an amazing personal makeover experience welcoming women of any age, size or shape. It infuses your everyday movement with sensual flair and confidence, helps you rediscover and enjoy the power of femininity and the seductive grace woven by nature into the curves of your body.

Bellydance: First Steps for Total Beginners is a step-by-step bellydance instruction program presented in a continuous movement format. Created by Neon, trend-setting instructor acclaimed for her innovative fast-track methods of teaching beginners and supportive, nurturing style, First Steps takes you from basic moves to graceful and sensual bellydance combinations through non-stop practice with beautiful uplifting music. Move and dance from the very first step!

The program consists of 48 2-3 min. segments systematically teaching all major types of bellydance steps.  Each segment breaks down, explains and drills a basic bellydance move and an easy-to-grasp  combination that shows how to use it. The movement starts slowly, then progresses to full speed. Neon offers detailed tips and visualizations promoting correct, solid and safe technique from the very start, and carefully cues each move and combination for easy following.

In Bellydance First Steps for Total Beginners a consistent system of animated onscreen graphics is superimposed on Neon's moving image to present dance moves as trajectories following geometric shapes, and effectively interpret movement angles and directions, promoting accelerated learning.

The 48 segments of the program are assembled into 12 sessions - each session is capped with a movement review (a Dance Party section) practicing all the steps and combinations covered in the preceding session.

The 12 sessions cover

* rhythmic hips and steps (releasing the hips, getting attuned to rhythm)
* bellydance percussive hip work 1 & 2
* combining bellydance footwork with hipwork
* fluid bellydance hipwork
* combining fluid and percussive hipwork
* upper body moves and accents
* combining fluid hipwork and upper body accents
* easy hipwork combinations
* challenging hipwork combinations
* challenging fluid movements
* shimmy

The DVD edition of First Steps for Total Beginners also offers a 25 minute flow featuring only the Dance Party segments for advanced beginner practice, and two versions of the entire program - with music and voice cues, and with music only for every day practice.

Click HERE to Pre-Order Bellydance: First Steps For Total Beginners!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Belly Dancing Duo America's Got Talent 2010 (Kaya & Sadie)

The Belly Dancing Duo (a.k.a. best friends Kaya and Sadie), two sexy belly dancers who performed “a fast-paced drum solo.” They sensuously shook all different parts of their bodies almost perfectly in unison with the sound of the drum beats piped into the theater, and the crowd loved them. So did the judges.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pro Hands Gripmaster Exercises Program

Prohands Exercise Program

The exercises provided are not tailored to any specific sport. They are designed to enhance and maintain the physical attributes and general health of athletic hands regardless of sport.

Begin all exercises slowly and use low resistance & few repetitions. Hold each position 3-5 seconds and relax - repeat 5 to 10 times. Little by little increase to 3 sets of 10 (30 reps). When graduating to a higher resistance begin again with 5 to 10 reps and build slowly.

Finger Play

What it does: allows the fingers to press individually or in various combinations to help improve finger coordination, dexterity and strength to aid in all sports play and object manipulation.

Recommended for: all sports, rock climbing, yoga, pilates, martial arts, gaming, computer and stress.

How to execute: position Prohands in the hand similar to the hook grasp exercise. Place finger tips on individual buttons, and ergonomic bar in the palm with the hook over the web space between the index finger and thumb. Keeping fingers slightly bent, flex 1-4 digits in varying combinations toward the center of the unit as if playing an instrument.

Finger Tip Pinch

What it does: isolates finger tip motion for the finer movements involving coordination and dexterity of the hand. The quality of finger tip movement allows the athlete to put spin on a ball or a gentle shift of the equipment to improve object manipulation and precision grip.

Recommended for: all ball handling sports, rock climbing.

How to execute: place all finger tips on their own button with the tip of the thumb on the center of the ergonomic base. Keeping all finger tips bent, flex the thumb and all the fingers toward the center of the unit at the same time.


Flat Fist

What it does: focuses on the small muscles in the palm that bend the larger knuckles and straighten the small joints. These muscles help you to get a firmer grasp around a handle for increased stability, and are used for fine motor manipulation of the fingers.

Recommended for: golf, tennis, baseball mitt grasp, fishing, marksmanship.

How to execute: place the center of the ergonomic bar on the thumb tip and line up a button to the base of each finger. Keep small finger joints straight while bending only the larger knuckles to press buttons.

Hook Grasp

What it does: strengthens the only muscles that bend the fingertips. Especially helpful when the hand is open and you need to hold an object or support your weight with a fingertip hold. Also strengthens longer muscles in the forearm and wrist while stretching smaller muscles in hand for greater motion and endurance.

Recommended for: rock climbing, tennis, throwing a football, baseball or basketball, bowling, fingertip pushups, weightlifting, marksmanship, martial arts, pilates, some yoga positions, the looser grip on a golf club, fishing rod or hockey stick, and a firmer grip on any piece of equipment.

How to execute: place fingertips on individual buttons and position ergonomic palm bar in the palm with the hook over the web space between the thumb and index finger. Keeping fingertips slightly bent, flex all fingers toward the center of the unit.


Power Grip

What it does: provides a firm full grip around objects for increased stability and power. Strengthens fingers, thumb, wrist and forearm for a firm grip.

Recommended for: football, weight lifting, tennis, golf, baseball, hockey, rock climbing (belaying), marksmanship, martial arts, bowling, fishing, and any sport where a powerful grip is required.

How to execute: place the middle of the fingers on the buttons with the fingertips wrapped over the top. Position the ergonomic palm bar across the palm with the hook over the web space between the thumb and index finger, flex the thumb and all fingers toward the center of the unit as if making a fist.

Power Pinch

What it does: provides extra power to the small muscles at the base of the thumb and pinky finger to enhance your grasping ability.

Recommended for: tennis racket grip, baseball bat hold, weightlifting, rock climbing, stabilizing a gun, controlling a joystick for gaming, computer and stress.

How to execute: place the hook of the ergonomic base between the ring & pinky fingers and across the base of the pinky finger. Reach across the palm with the thumb to press the button closest to the fingers.

Thumb Pinch

What it does: provides isolated strength to the thumb and the side of the index finger for a strong lateral hold. Strengthens thumb and index finger for greater stability and coordination.

Recommended for: golf, hockey, fishing, rock climbing, gaming, computer and stress.

How to execute: place the hook of the ergonomic palm bar on the inside of the bent index finger. With the tip of the thumb slightly bent, flex the thumb on the first button. Note: for increased resistance, flex the thumb tip on the first two buttons at the same time.

Tricep Press

What it does: helps isolate the larger muscles of the forearm and upper arm to gain strength and endurance with the elbow extended.

Recommended for: tennis, basketball, baseball, football, bowling, weightlifting, pushups, rock climbing, martial arts, yoga, pilates, fishing, swinging a bat, golf club, and hockey stick.

How to execute: remove ergonomic palm bar and place Gripmaster upside down on a table. Keep the wrist straight and the forearm off the table. Press down with the palm to compress unit. Note: the fingers are not active during this exercise.

Trigger Grip

What it does: strengthens basic sustained grip strength while isolating the index finger for trigger manipulation.

Recommended for: marksmanship, fishing, golf, gaming, computer and stress.

How to execute: loosely hold the unit vertically with the buttons toward the fingers and the hook of the ergonomic palm bar positioned over the web space between the thumb and index finger. Grasp buttons tightly with the long ring finger and pinky finger and hold this position while isolating the index finger. Press the remaining button with the index finger as if pulling a trigger.

Tripod Pinch

What it does: assists in holding, tossing, and controlling any game ball in your fingertips.

Recommended for: dribbling a basketball, throwing a football or baseball, bowling, firing a gun, climbing, martial arts, and some yoga & pilates positions.

How to execute: place the thumb tip in the center of the ergonomic base with the index and long fingertips resting on the two center buttons. Keeping the fingertips bent, flex the thumb and fingers toward the center of the unit at the same time. Be sure to keep the ring and pinky fingers bent into the palm during this exercise.

Wrist Flex

What it does: isolates the forearm muscles that bend the wrist to enhance ball handling and weight bearing activities. Strengthens wrist and forearm muscles. Note: the fingers are not active during this exercise.

Recommended for: yoga, pilates, tennis, golf, basketball, football, baseball, hockey, and push-ups.

How to execute: remove ergonomic palm bar. Stand unit upside down on a table. Rest the forearm of the wrist to be exercised in the other hand. Position the bar across the palm and press the bar in a downward motion while flexing only the wrist joint.

Click here to download the Exercise Programs (pdf format)

Gripmaster Pro Hand Exerciser


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Improves user control of bats, racquets, clubs, guitars, and other sports equipment
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Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

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Greatly improves hand, wrist, and forearm strength
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